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The most comprehensive cover available.

The Pantaenius America Yacht Policy covers your yacht 27 feet (8.23 meters) in length or greater for all your yachting risks.

Over 80,000 yacht owners have chosen the Pantaenius America Yacht Policy, which offers the most comprehensive coverage available for your vessel—including the exclusion of implied warranties of seaworthiness—meaning more protection for you. Every Pantaenius policy is backed by our top-notch reputation for superior service, as well as our promise for quick and competent claims handling.

Marine Insurance Company Pantaenius 

Advantages of the Pantaenius policy

Agreed Fixed Value
In case of total or constructive total loss, you are insured for the agreed fixed value with no depreciation or deductible.

New for Old
If your vessel is damaged and needs new parts for repairs, Pantaenius will cover partial damage without depreciation, up to the agreed insurance sum.

Low- or No-Deductibles
No deductible for lightning, fire, total and constructive total loss.

Comprehensive Primary Indemnity
We cover your liability to third parties and environmental damage.

All Risks Policy
We cover broad marine risks wthout implied warranties of seaworthiness.

Latent Defects
We cover latent defects and physical damage or loss caused by latent defects.

Exclusion of Implied Warranties of Seaworthiness
Unlike its competitors, Pantaenius will not use the harsh terms of Absolute Implied Warranty of Seaworthiness to deny coverage.

Broad and Worldwide Navigation
Your vessel‘s fl ag, ownership or crew nationality are never an issue.

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